10 IPA/EPF: EPF Meeting in Cologne, London book fair April and What Works Conference

The EEPG will take part in the Educational Publishers meeting in Cologne at the end of January. If you want me to put points and issues on the agenda, please let me know. As a member of the IPA and hence the EPF, we will be able to disseminate the latest information from IPA. If there are any issues or discussion points you would like to put forward to the EPF but cannot attend yourself, you can always send me your questions.

The 31st international publishers congress will take place in London on April 9-12. Here are the details. Don't miss the early bird rate if you want to go.The congress itself is quite expensive and probably not that useful for educational publishers, but please look at the " What works conference" http://www.londonbookfair.co.uk . EEPG Members who want to participate at the "what works conference" will get a special discount through EEPG. Please let me know by early January and I'll send you the code for registration with a discount. Christoph Bläsi, a member of the BELMA jury, will most likely give a presentation.