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December 2016


  1. Introduction
  2. Activities
  3. News from the member states and others
  4. Conference in September 2016 in Berlin on New Trends in Pedagogy
  5. AGM in Frankfurt
  6. Frankfurt Bookfair 2016
  7. BELMA
  8. Network meeting on copyright in Athens in November
  9. Collaborating on EU projects
  10. Outlook on Networks 2017

Season's Greetings

EEPG Newsletter 2016_4 Pix Peaceful-NYear.jpeg

1 Introduction

I am finishing this newsletter two days after the attack in Berlin that shocked and angered us all. I actually live not very far from where it happened. Though we were not affected directly, life suddenly had a very different focus. Still, we can only hope that this hatred will not spoil and destroy the ideas of enlightenment and democracy.
If you don't have time to read this newsletter in its entirety, please do read section 9 and 10.

2 Activities

This newsletter reaches you very late because autumn was a very busy time.

First, there was the issue with the bank, which was finally settled in November. As the management board will testify, we had to submit so many documents and IDs, you would think the EEPG's business was money laundering. Finally, our lawyer and the colleagues from Systime helped to settle this issue, so that we can stay as an association in Denmark using the Danske Bank accounts.

Secondly, we are still trying to make BELMA more profitable. We have found a place in France for the jury to meet which will be more convenient to travel to than Aarhus (and close to the chairman's residence). We are also working on the logistics to safe money and on measurements to improve its visibility.

However, I hope you will still find this newsletter informative and useful. When you read this - but definitely by January 4th - you will find our EEPG promotion video online on our home page. I'd like to thank everybody who contributed for their quotes! I am sure, we will be able to attract quite a few new members.

If you want to watch the videos taken at the Berlin conference in Berlin in September about New Pedagogy, click here. I have put them on the non-members' website because it is a good example of the EEPG's work.

On behalf of the EEPG, I have taken part in the IPA EPF meeting in Vienna at the beginning of December. You will find the country reports from this meeting under section 3. The minutes will be forwarded when I receive them. The EEPG will take an active part in organizing the What Works Conference in London this year (reduced to a half-day event). As usual, there will be a discount for EEPG members, which I will send round as soon as I get the code.

I did not manage to attend Online EDUCA this year, but as Brian Gilsenan pointed out, it was a very interesting conference. Highlights can be watched here.

I have been asked by Rick Shepherd, who is doing a survey amongst educational publishers (he gave a keynote at the Conference in Berlin), to share this link. If you want to find out more about what this is for, please contact Rick.

Also, for those of you who speak German, here is an invitation by Christoph Bläsi, one of the BELMA jury members and professor at the university of Mainz, to a workshop taking place on the 20th of January entitled "Schulbuch, Lernprogramm oder Youtube?".

3 News from the member states and others.

At the AGM in Frankfurt, we introduced a new feature - the country reports from our members. You can find an updated version here. Meanwhile, there are also country reports from the IPA educational publishers forum, which you can find here.

4 Conference in September 2016 in Berlin on New Trends in Pedagogy

The conference took place at the premises of our host Cornelsen and 52 people participated, amongst them eleven non members. It started with an informal get together at Cornelsen headquarters. The next day the three keynote speakers, Stephen Haggard, Rick Shepherd and Arja Svensson gave interesting and inspiring talks followed by Q&A sessions. The videos of the keynote speakers can be watched on the website and on YouTube.

There were also some good opportunities to exchange ideas with other publishers from the EEPG and non members. At the market place session six publishers presented their latest developments and products. The presentations can be downloaded in the members' section.

On the second evening there was a short sightseeing tour of Berlin followed by dinner at the Berlin International Club. The conference finished with a lively panel discussion on various topics arising from the keynotes and the presentations, such as the new role of the publisher, digitalization as a chance or threat, OER and new business models.



5 AGM in Frankfurt

The minutes of the AGM will be online in January, but here are the most important points:

  • The meeting was attended by representatives of 19 of the 23 members
  • Søren Peter Sørensen from Systime was elected as a new member of the management board, while Teuvo Sankila from Otava retired after having served as both member and chairman of the board.
  • The new management board looks like this: Frank Thalhofer, chairman, Kina Andreeva, Carmo Correia and Søren Peter Sørensen (members representatives), Helga Holtkamp
  • The financial report and the activities report were accepted.
  • The budget for 2017 was agreed.
  • The new bylaws (slight amendments) were agreed on.
  • The fee (no change) was agreed on.
  • Three network meetings for 2017 were planned.

6 Frankfurt Book Fair

The FBF was attended by less people this year than in 2015 or 2014 and there were less exhibitors. Still, the EEPG stand was busy this year, with quite a few enquiries from interested publishers. Also it served as a meeting point for those members who have not got a stand. Even though the prices are going up, we still believe it is worth having a stand as long as the BELMA ceremony takes place in Frankfurt. The IPA had an open session at the Fair and here is a presentation by Jessica Saenger on the Reprobel / Vogel case.


The BELMA ceremony was attended by more people then ever and there was quite a bit of interest by educational publishers who had not heard about BELMA before. You can get impressions from the website as well as a look at all the winners.

Incidentally, take a look at this presentation by Emma House of the UK Publishers Association on Quality Guidelines for Textbooks. We have agreed to work more closely together in the future and keep each other informed. It is a pity, we do not have a UK member in the EEPG.
Registration for the new BELMA 2017 will be available from 15. January 2017. There will be a new fee structure, because we do believe BELMA will attract more participants if the fee for non members will be reduced. To cover our costs, the fees for members will have to be raised slightly. This is the new price structure:
  • non members 500 for the first entry, 500 for all following
  • members 300 for the first entry, 240 for all following

8 Network meeting on copyright in Athens in November

As you can see from the photos, this network meeting was both work and play. It was hosted by our member Patakis and held at their office. It was attended by representatives from 7 members. The presentations of the keynote speakers and from Cornelsen, Prosveta, Zvaigzne and Veritas can be viewed here.



As in Belgrade in 2015, Prof. Dusan V. Popovic from the university of Belgrade gave an excellent overview about the EU and individual countries. Jens Bammel gave an overview about the Marrakesh Treaty and also talked about competition versus collaboration. It was again pointed that educational publishers in each country have to join forces and lobby their governments. In many cases, there is little awareness about the effects of certain decisions for educational publishers. However, Prof Popovic also suggested some measurements the EEPG can take as an organization and offered to help formulate letters and statements that the EEPG can publish both on the website but also as replies to publications by the EU.

Here are some of his suggestions that we will discuss at the management board meeting but that might also be useful for you as individual members.
  • EEPG could start submitting official statements to the European Commission during the public consultations period prior to the adoption of any new copyright legislation. Such statements need not necessary be exhaustive. Statements should be drafted by a lawyer. All public comments are posted on the website of the Commission.
  • Members of EEPG should also post such statements on their website (original text or even better translation into national language).
  • EEPG members should open a section on their websites dedicated to copyright issues. They should explain in simple words (to non-experts) why copyright is important to their business. Also, the above mentioned EEPG statements could be posted there.
  • EEPG members should try to organize seminars/workshops regarding copyright issues in order to sensitise stakeholders. They could try to invite government and parliament officials to such events, as well as the media. Speakers at the events should come not only from the publishing sector, but also from academia (copyright law professors) and users (school teachers). Instead of such separate events, EEPG could always try to make use of the existing meetings, by inviting local stakeholders to their regular network meetings (as Elena Pataki did in Athens).

As copyright issues have been very much in focus this past year, here are some recent interesting articles from Australia, and Malta.

And you might also be interested in this statement: FEP's reaction to the CJEU judgement in the case C-174/15 and in this article concerning e.books.

9 Collaborating on EU projects

Twice before, I have written about EU projects, but nothing much has happened. Now, this request from Sviesa reached me just before finishing this newsletter:
We are interested in cooperation for participation in Erasmus+ and / or Horizon projects. We develop new educational technologies (digital learning environments, assessment tools, digital content, etc.) that at the moment suits our local market, but we are interested in broader cooperation within Europe. Maybe you could help us in finding partners / publishers that has similar needs?
I would like to find out from you who is also interested in EU projects and what your special subject/topic interests would be.

If you are interested, I'd like to suggest a preliminary meeting of interested publishers at BETT. I would be happy to organize a meeting but can only offer the 27th or maybe the 28th. If you or somebody from the company is going to BETT and would be interested in a meeting concerning EU projects please let me know. If you are interested but not going to BETT, please also drop me a line and we will probably put this on the agenda for our network meeting in Tel Aviv in March.

10 Outlook on network meetings 2017

Three network meetings are scheduled and the registration will be open for the first one as soon as we have a preliminary agenda (first week of January). Also, the May meeting in Prague is fixed as far as the dates are concerned but we are still waiting for feedback from prospective keynote speakers before publishing the agenda. Please block these dates in your diary:

26th - 27th of March: Network Meeting for Decision Makers, Tel Aviv (opportunity to visit the Shaping the Future event 27th - 30th).
11th - 12th of May: Network Meeting: The importance of being SMART, Prague, (opportunity to visit the Prague bookfair).
14th - 15th of September: Network Meeting on Social media and their use in publishing (marketing, teacher training etc), Dublin.

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