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June 2019


  1. Introduction
  2. Network meeting in Sofia for decision makers
  3. Network meeting in Vilnius
  4. Network meeting in Tel Aviv
  5. BELMA
  6. Useful documents and links

1. Introduction

This newsletter is being written in the sweltering heat that we have had for the last few days in Berlin. I am wondering how some politicians can still ignore climate change? A lot has happened since I sent the April newsletter - Brexit for example didn't happen, the European elections have produced some interesting results, local elections likewise and at least one government had to resign (Austria). But since I am just about to go on a 2 week holiday, I will have to keep this short.

2. Network meeting in Sofia for decision makers

Thanks to our wonderful and generous hosts Prosveta, our inspiring keynote speakers and the very active participation of all attendees, we had a great meeting.

Welcome party

We even had Europe-wide attention since the meeting was opened by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, Digital Economy and Society, European Commission. She promptly reported about this on her Facebook Account.

This is probably the right moment to remind you that the EEPG is on Facebook and LinkedIn and that there is also a BELMA FaceBook page. Please like!

The first keynote about the report about European copyright law by Margarita Guigova was heavy stuff and not that easily digested - well, it is a complicated and rather dry topic, but an important one. You will find ( when loged on as a member) hers as well as all the other presentations on our network meeting website. Even if you don't read all of Margarita's summary of the situation, this can serve as an excellent work of reference for everybody who has to get their teeth into the copyright reform. Please note that in the end, she doesn't answer the question whether the reform is a success or not. Her message is that every country on their own has got to make the best of it.

While you are checking out her summary, please also look at all the other excellent presentations by our members. The talks were very divers and covered many issues from making the most of the current copyright situation in Poland to trying to deal with a shrinking workbook market in Slovenia. Check the agenda, which is also online to see what interests you most.

Artur Dyro

The only presentation we don't have online yet, is Brian Gilsenan's, who talked about the image campaign being prepared by the IPA. As soon as that has been approved by the IPA, I will send more information about it.

After a great city tour and a lovely dinner at Cosmos on Thursday evening, ...

... day 2 started with the keynote by Chris Herron of Vivagogy. It is always inspiring to hear and see how people think outside of our professional silos. There are four different files by Chris on our website in the Network section, his presentation and lots of background information about transversal competencies and 21st century skills. It might be a good idea to check them all out.

Some members used the opportunity on Saturday to visit Plovdiv, one of the culture capitals of Europe 2019. We had a great day with a very knowledgeable and witty tour guide Stephan, and we had a delicious lunch at the generous invitation of Prosveta. We cannot thank Joana Tomova and Kina Andreeva and all of their team enough for those wonderful three days.

3. Network meeting in Vilnius

Please register for the meeting in Vilnius now. We have updated the website. Katie Roden has sent me her title and it will be a very interesting session:

In a crowded marketplace, where everyone from a tech start-up to a retired teacher can be a creator, educational publishers need to shout about our values. This session will help you to differentiate your product through quality, by thinking more deeply about your audience - their values, needs and expectations - to create the most effective campaigns and ultimately help build better products.
Using case studies from a wide range of industries, this session will give you practical steps, useful tools and plenty of inspiration.

Please note that BELMA is only one example of how you can market your product and services but not the main focus. Once again, we would like you to showcase your ideas and campaigns - good or failed - to discuss and generate ideas together. Since I will be away now until 23rd of June, it would be great if you could come up with some ideas of what you would like to present in the meantime and send them to me.

4. Network meeting in Tel Aviv

Registration is also open on the website. There is a range of ideas of what we should be discussing - many sprang from that fruitful meeting in Sofia and I will update the website with keynote speaker and a first program at the end of June.

But as always, the combination of the EEPG meeting together with getting a chance of attending the Shaping the Future conference is an opportunity not to be missed. The more people commit themselves early, the better the chance is to get a decent deal on hotels. So please register, even if the concrete program will be a bit of a mystery for a few weeks yet.


BELMA had a record number of entries this year. Jean-Claude has packed and send a copy of everything to the jury members who have started the evaluation process. This year, for the first time, we'll be looking at sustainability as a criteria for excellence. This is in compliance with the UN SDG Target 4.7. But if you are interested what some statistics show,here's a little overview about the distribution of classical topics. Interesting to see that 30% of all entries are already skills based and multidisciplinary.

6. Useful documents and links

A little while ago, Dalibor Greganic from Profil Klett asked me about what is happening in different European markets about digital. We have discussed this many times, but I also found some interesting publications. They are not that new (from 2017), but they present good background information.

2nd Survey of Schools: ICT in Education

Digital Education Policies in Europe and Beyond

10 trends transforming education as we know it

We have also put an interesting presentation online concerning the digital market in Denmark. Those of you who were in Dublin will remember Clio, a Danish educational publisher. Their research base was about 6000 people in Denmark and you can find the results on the EEPG website in the News section.

Berlin, June 4th, 2019

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