The EEPG is a non-profit organization connecting educational publishers from 24 countries in Europe.

Our members are dedicated to further the quality of education in their countries and abroad. We exchange ideas and best practice examples in creating and producing learning materials for all ages. If you are an educational publisher and would like to join the EEPG, please write to Helga.holtkamp@eepg.org.

One of our members is Ranok Publishers from Ukraine. Ranok Publishers continues to produce teaching and learning materials even in these difficult times.

Here are a few facts about the consequences of the Russian war against Ukraine which has been raving for over a year now.
  • 12.5 million Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes
  • more than 2600 schools have been destroyed or damaged, affecting 5.3 million students
  • 750.000 Ukrainian students live and go to school abroad
  • 41 cultural sites have been damaged, including museums and libraries
  • The number of Ukrainian publishers has dropped from 1053 in 2021 to 563 in 2022

What has been done to support education for Ukranians

  • European publishers have distributed and are continuing to distribute PDFs of Ukranian learning materials for free.
  • Ranok publishers in cooperation with Profil Klett (Croatia) have initiated "Learning without borders", a series of electronic textbooks for students, teachers, and parents based on the interactive platform Izzi.

What can be done to support Ukraine regarding educational issues:

  • Libraries need Ukrainian books, especially in countries that have taken refugees. The quantity of children's literature being printed is severely restricted, despite many print facilities still in operation. The challenge is how and where to source the funds needed for printing in Ukraine for export to where the books are needed. The European Commission and Parliament have voted a budget for this purpose. Please contact your local Publishers Association for more information.
  • If you want to buy Ukrainian books for local libraries, Ranok can arrange the delivery of books to European countries.
  • "Learning without borders" needs video content for further development of electronic textbooks. If you are a publisher and have video content that you could share on the platform, please contact Maria Pankratova.