Dear colleagues in education and publishing,
Almost three months into the Russian war against Ukraine, the end does not seem to be near.
For Ukrainian children getting a solid education both in Ukraine and in foreign countries is paramount.
Please check out this free offer from Ranok - PDFs of all their educational books.
European educational publishers can distribute the material
for free, providing they sign a license. The license covers all rights
for a year.

These European publishers have already joined the initiative:
Austria (VERITAS Verlags- und Handelsges.m.b.H.): https://www.veritas.at/ukraine#ukrainische-schulbuecher
Belgium (Plantyn, the Infinitas Learning group): https://www.plantyn.com/fr-BE/ukraine
Bulgaria (Prosveta Sofia AD): https://www.e-prosveta.bg/za-ukraina/
Croatia (Profil Klett d.o.o.): https://hr.izzi.digital/#/
Italy (S. Lattes & C. Editori S.p.A.): https://www.latteseditori.it/libri-scolastici-ucraini
Latvia (Zvaigzne ABC Publishers): https://maconis.zvaigzne.lv/catalogue_ukr
Netherlands (Noordhoff, the Infinitas Learning group): https://www.noordhoff.nl/oekraine
Norway (H. Aschehoug & Co (W. Nygaard) AS): https://aunivers.lokus.no/ - to get access to the collection where the material is included, you need Norwegian log in-information (which the Ukrainian kids get when they arrive to Norwegian schools)
Sweden (Natur & Kultur): https://www.nok.se/ukrainskalaromedel
Switzerland (Lehrmittelverlag Zürich): https://www.lmvz.ch/services/ukraine

Others have already signed the licence agreement and will publish the material on their website shortly.
You can download all materials here:

We ask publishers and institutions who want to distribute the material to sign the licence on the first page and at the end of the appendix). Please create a landing page in your mother tongue and ideally Ukrainian. Please mention Ranok and the EEPG on your landing page.

Here are the licence and appendix A:

Here is Appendix A in English for reference

If you have problems downloading the material, please refer to this
video that Adam has kindly provided:

You will also find some audio material material available for language
courses (English, German, French) for primary school (grades 1-4). It
can be downloaded from http://interactive.ranok.com.ua/ - Ranoks website
dedicated to educational materials and different additional interactive
data to them.
To make downloads easier, a file with links showing the shortest
way to download audio data to each of these textbooks was created and
you can download it here:
https://www.eepg.org/media/en/2022_04_07_Ranok_Audio-files.docx .

It also contains instructions for downloading files. Individuals do not need a license for downloading a single title. For allocating the books to the right years, his table will be useful.
Please note that there is a limited offer for grades 5 and 6 due to
ongoing curriculum reform.
Grade Type Age
1 Primary 6/7
2 Primary 7/8
3 Primary 8/9
4 Primary 9/10
5 Basic 10/11
6 Basic 11/12
7 Basic 12/13
8 Basic 13/14
9 Basic 14/15
10 High 15/16
11 High 16/17
There is also a catalogue from the Ukrainian publishers association where you can buy rights to books (not only educational)