Materials from the webinar "The changing role of teachers - in the light of, amongst other factors, the Corona pandemic" that was held on November 6th 2020.
Here you will find:
  • the keynote by Christian Dalsgaard, CUDIM, Aarhus University on Digital literacy as expanded disciplinarity
  • videos that were submitted by teachers and educators from different countries. The videos reflect their experience during the first wave of the corona pandemic:
    • Noemia Rodrigues (Portugal)
    • Valeria Matskevich (Ukraine)
    • Aldo de Pape, founder and CEO of TeachPit, UK
    • Barbara Anna Zielonka, global educator and senior advisor to OsloMet, Norway
    • Morten Bülow, senior lecturer and PHD-fellow at Aarhus University, Denmark
    • Torben Benoni (Denmark)
    • Barbara Brezigar (Slovenia)
    • Malan Jancy Eydunsdottir (Faroe Islands)

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