At Systime we aim at producing the best digital teaching materials on an international basis.

We want to develop the best multimedia content and we believe that producing the best teaching materials requires the best writers in a transparent dialogue with the most enthusiastic users - combined with the potentials of the internetBook.

The internetBook is the result of Systime's unique single source publication set up, which you can learn more about by visiting systimesolutions.com. Systime Solutions is an independent spin­-off of Systime Publisher, and offers a wide range of publishing services.

Since 1980 we have produced teaching materials and by now we are a significant educational publishing house covering all subject areas. When it comes to developing digital material Systime is by far the most advanced publishing house in Denmark, renowned for quality and innovative approaches to the world of education.

In 2009 we produced the first internet based book and thereby created a new mind set regarding teaching material. Since the internetBook was born, the demand for digital material has increased rapidly.

The internetBook is more than just a platform for sharing knowledge. It is a learning experience providing the best digital tools for teaching - i.e. interactive tasks, video clips, readings, pictures and animations - combined with professionally made and continuously updated text materials.

In short, the internetBook combines the traditional book with the web - the best of both worlds - to obtain a digital foundation for students and teachers.
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