Welcome to the EEPG website!

Here is a short film about what EEPG is and does:

The EEPG is a non-profit organization. It serves as a network and lobby group for its members - European educational publishers. The EEPG is a strong network speaking with one voice on educational matters at all levels from local to global.
The EEPG organizes a number of conferences and meetings every year at which members discuss current issues in educational publishing and exchange ideas. These events are hosted by different members.
The EEPG works closely with associations like the FEP and the IPA.
The EEPG is actively involved in discussions about Copyright, Digital Developments, Privacy and other pressing issues in educational publishing.
The EEPG keeps its members informed about trends in educational publishing through newsletters and twitter. It facilitates the exchange of ideas and concepts, and provides a platform for sharing information.
Every year the EEPG holds the Best Educational Learning Materials Award contest. The contest is open to non members of the EEPG. The prizes are given in a ceremony at the Frankfurt Bookfair and the winners are featured on the BELMA website for one year.

Find more useful information about the EEPG's activities and educational topics here.