How the BELMA jury works

Presentation by Prof. C. Bläsi held at BELMA Prize Giving ceremony at Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

Intercultural Awareness and other important things to consider when planning educational materials.

A panel discussion at the Istanbul Book Fair in November 2017, on the theme: "The importance of educational publishing in the light of PISA results"

Thank you Graham Taylor for this tip:

EPF supported Zeynep Atiker and her colleagues to facilitate a panel session at the Istanbul Book Fair in November 2017, on the theme: "The importance of educational publishing in the light of PISA results".

The panel discussed the relationship between (high) PISA scores, (open) educational publishing ecosystems, and the use of digital technology (laptops, and in the classroom). They described case studies in their own countries, and others with which they are familiar. The panel comprised our colleagues:
Fei Chen Lee from Singapore
Teuvo Sankila from Finland
Antti Rammo from Estonia.
You can watch and listen to this interesting and wide ranging panel discussion on themes of concern to us all via this YouTube link (the opening is in Turkish, but the rest is in English)

Artificial intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides machines with intelligent capabilities such as learning, processing, identifying data patterns, speech recognition, and others. AI benefits the education sector with features such as personalized learning, additional educational support and assessment and student engagement. AI in education is still in a primitive stage which is expected to have many more advancements in the forthcoming years. Read on ...

2018 09 05-06 Ljubljana EEPG Open Conference

Keynote by Katie Roden:
What Makes Content Marketing Different?

How to give your marketing meaning and relevance by:

  • Focusing on your customer, not your product
  • Finding the sweet spot between customer needs and your business goals
  • Using content to educate, entertain and engage
  • Thinking creatively and generously
  • Creating content for specific platforms and devices

EEPG Members: Kreativni Centar, Serbia

We are excited to present the EEPG members in a weekly spotlight via short interviews. We are starting with Kreativni Centar, one of the leading educational publishers in Serbia.

EEPG and IPA will collaborate

Today the director of the EEPG, Helga Holtkamp, announced the cooperation between the European Educational Publisher's Group and the International Publisher's Association.

2019 05 09-10 Sofia EEPG Conference for Decision Makers

Keynote by Chris Heron, Vivagogy:
Transversal Competencies - From school subjects to employability skills.

This workshop will give an overview about skills and competencies as well as the impact this will have for both curricula and learning materials as well as business models. How can educational publishers address the challenges and produce materials that will be relevant for the curriculum driven by these changes?