EEPG and IPA will collaborate

  • 2021-07-13
Today the director of the EEPG, Helga Holtkamp, announced the cooperation between the European Educational Publisher's Group and the International Publisher's Association.

Today the director of EEPG, Helga Holtkamp, signed the IPA's InSPIRe Charter and announced that the EEPG (European Educational Publisher's Group) will support the IPA's initiative.
Collaboration will especially encompass the following areas:

Asserting the value of publishing to policymakers as an essential industry. Publishing should be recognized for its vital role in educating and uplifting future generations, spreading transformative scientific research, promoting critical thinking, and opening new worlds to all;

Advocating for publishing-specific government stimulus programs to build a more sustainable and resilient global publishing industry that continuously adapts to changing consumer and competitive dynamics;

Fostering dialogue between publishing ecosystem stakeholders to build resilience, expand partnerships, mitigate risks from global supply chain disruptions, and minimize the environmental impacts of the publishing supply chain;

Demonstrating the damaging effects of piracy, and advocating for the development, protection, and enforcement of fit-for-purpose copyright frameworks that guarantee fair competition and protect the rights of publishers and content creators;

Identifying common ground between publishing stakeholders, rights organizations, and governments to fight censorship and promote freedom to publish;

Closing emerging workforce skills gaps through capacity building, mentorship, and partnerships;

Exploring partnerships and programs that emphasize the role of publishing in promoting access to knowledge, continuity of education and lifelong learning for all children and young people, with equal opportunities for girls and boys;

Empowering underrepresented voices to ensure diversity and inclusion in the publishing ecosystem;

Supporting indigenous language publishing through targeted initiatives and partnerships;

Highlighting the role of small and medium-sized independent publishers and booksellers, which make up the vast majority of the publishing industry globally, in ensuring bibliodiversity and supporting measures needed to future proof their businesses.

Here is the video where Helga Holtkamp announces the collaboration:

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