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VERITAS Verlagsgesellschaft

Since 1972 (founded in 1945), VERITAS, which is part of the CORNELSEN Verlagsholding company, been providing pupils and teachers in Austria with high quality textbooks, workbooks, pedagogical material and multimedia for all levels of teaching up till and including secondary school.

In all our books and materials, we aim to present a problem in its entirety and to reach a learning process that appeals to the emotional, intellectual and practical abilities of the learner in order for our publications to provide the optimal learning frames.

VERITAS Verlags- und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. & co. OG PF 50
Hafenstraße 2a
AT-4020 Linz

Tel.: 43 7 32 77 64 51-2280 | Fax: 43 7 32 77 64 51-2239
E-Mail: n.donner@veritas.a | Website: www.veritas.at

PROSVETA Publishing Group

PROSVETA Publishing Group

Prosveta Publishing Group is the largest Bulgarian educational publisher. For over seven decades, it has been the most authoritative educational publishing house in the country. Prosveta offers textbooks and teaching aids in all subjects for kindergarten and school grades 1st to 12th, including foreign language textbooks in English, German, Russian and French.

In its nearly 75-year-long history, Prosveta has:
  • Worked with over 50,000 authors;
  • Published over 17,000 different titles;
  • Had a total circulation of over 2 billion copies.

Prosveta Publishing Group creates high quality textbooks and teaching aids under three different brand names - Prosveta Sofia, Prosveta Plus and Prosveta AzBuki, united under the common name of Prosveta. Having three brands ensures that each teacher is able to choose the textbook that best meets the needs of his students, as well as his own preferences.

All of Prosveta's products are being developed by a highly qualified team of specialists well established in the field of education, art and culture. Prosveta is the only Bulgarian educational publisher with a permanent team of experienced editors on all subjects. Part of the publishing group's structure is a deployed network of representatives in all district towns, which ensures direct contact with each of the over 2500 Bulgarian schools and nearly as many kindergartens throughout the country.

In 2011 Prosveta became the first publishing house to launch electronic textbooks on the Bulgarian market. The e-textbooks were developed by Prosveta's subsidiary company Prosveta Libri as a free additional resource for teachers who teach with Prosveta's textbooks at school, and for home use by students and their parents. The latest generation of e-textbooks feature additional audio and video resources, interactive exercises, self-assessment tests and games, thus making studying seamless, fun and convenient.

In 2016, Prosveta started to develop an entirely new generation of textbooks in all subjects for all school grades and for all kindergarten groups in order to accommodate the new curriculums and the reform programme enforced in the educational system by the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education has approved all of Prosveta's new kindergarten activity books and school textbooks. All of them come with state-of-the-art interactive digital editions, and are currently being used by the majority of schoolteachers throughout the country.

Prosveta's online store offers our full range of products. It is continuously updated with new and free digital resources for teachers, students and parents, such as tutorials, assessment tests, games, teacher books and e-textbooks.

In its 73-year-long history, Prosveta Publishing House has been repeatedly honored with prestigious international awards for its editions, including the Best European Learning Materials Award (BELMA).

PROSVETA Publishing Group
1618 Sofia
2 Zemedelska St.

Tel: +359 28 18 20 20 | Fax: +359 28 18 20 19
E-Mail: prosveta@prosveta.bg | Website: www.prosveta.bg

Profil Klett

Profil International, founded in 1991, has been one of the leading educational publishers in Croatia, covering primary and secondary school subject areas. In 2015 Profil International became part of the Klett Group as Profil Klett.

Profil Klett, with its strong foundation in the knowledge and experience of European educational systems, will continue to closely collaborate with Croatian teachers and various other experts involved in educational publishing, thus encouraging and enabling the exchange of good practice.

Since Profil Klett is keenly aware of its key role in the educational process, our primary goals are the advancement of the quality of teaching practice, and creating an enjoyable teaching and learning environment. In order to to fulfil this aim, no effort will be spared to meet the expectations of all the teachers, pupils and parents involved.

Profil Klett
Hektoroviceva 2/4,

Tel.: + 385 14 724 824 | Fax: + 385 14 8877322
E-Mail: uprava@profil-klett.hr | Website: http://www.profil-klett.hr

Contact: Koraljka Tironi
Tel.: +385 9 14 88 30 41
E-Mail: koraljka.tironi@profil-klett.hr

Fraus Publishing House
Czech Republic

Fraus Publishing House has since 1991 specialized in foreign language teaching materials and general and specific dictionaries. Furthermore, the linguistic portfolio has gradually been enlarged with teaching materials for native language, natural science and social science for primary and secondary schools.

Our goal is to be able to cover the complete range of subjects and all levels of education in the Czech Republic. This is made possible through the combination of our own publications with imported materials from respected publishers abroad.

Nakladatelství FRAUS
Edvarda Benese 72
301 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic

Tel: 420 3 77 32 10 69 | Fax: 420 3 77 22 45 94
E-Mail: info@fraus.cz | Website: www.fraus.cz


At Systime we aim at producing the best digital teaching materials on an international basis.

We want to develop the best multimedia content and we believe that producing the best teaching materials requires the best writers in a transparent dialogue with the most enthusiastic users - combined with the potentials of the internetBook.

The internetBook is the result of Systime's unique single source publication set up, which you can learn more about by visiting systimesolutions.com. Systime Solutions is an independent spin­-off of Systime Publisher, and offers a wide range of publishing services.

Since 1980 we have produced teaching materials and by now we are a significant educational publishing house covering all subject areas. When it comes to developing digital material Systime is by far the most advanced publishing house in Denmark, renowned for quality and innovative approaches to the world of education.

In 2009 we produced the first internet based book and thereby created a new mind set regarding teaching material. Since the internetBook was born, the demand for digital material has increased rapidly.

The internetBook is more than just a platform for sharing knowledge. It is a learning experience providing the best digital tools for teaching - i.e. interactive tasks, video clips, readings, pictures and animations - combined with professionally made and continuously updated text materials.

In short, the internetBook combines the traditional book with the web - the best of both worlds - to obtain a digital foundation for students and teachers.

Systime A/S
Sonnesgade 11
8000 Aarhus C

Tel. +45 70 12 11 00
E-Mail: systime@systime.dk | Website: systime.dk

Koolibri Publishers Ltd.

Koolibri Publishers Ltd. has an great story to tell with the name of the publishing house: A hummingbird is called koolibri in Estonian, which gives us associations to flexibility and quick and great adaptation to the surrounding conditions. At the same time, kool is Estonian for school and libri means books in Latin. It sums it all up: Schoolbooks that are adapted to reality and the actual needs of pupils and teachers.

As one of the largest publishing houses in Estonia, we want to secure the educational level nationwide.

Koolibri Publishers Ltd.
P.O. Box 1793, Hiiu 38
11620 Tallinn

Tel: 372 6 51 53 00 | Fax: 372 6 51 53 01
E-Mail: koolibri@koolibri.ee | Website: www.koolibri.ee

Faroe Islands

Nám is an educational publisher in the Faroe Islands. We are operating in a micro market - the population in the country is approximately 52.000 inhabitants and there are approx. 700 pupils in each year, therefor we are also the only educational publisher in the Faroe Islands.

Nám is a public publishing house producing both printed and digital materials. In addition to its publishing business, Nám is a centre for education services offering ICT-solutions, library, courses and guidance for teachers.

The publishing house was founded in the 1950's as Føroya Skúlabókagrunnur, but in 2010 it merged vit KT-Depilin (the ICT-central for schools) and Landsmiðstøðin fyri undirvísingaramboð (the centre for education).

The company publishes educational material for all subjects in the Faroese language for the entire school system, though mainly for primary, secondary and upper secondary school. For primary and secondary school our focus is on printed books, but all our printed books are also published on a digital platform. For upper secondary school, our main product are digital books (internet books).

Hoyvíksvegi 72
FO-100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

Tel +298 755 150
Fax +298 755 160

eMail: nam@nam.fo

Sigfríður S. Sólsker
Tel +298 555 171

Otava Publishing Company Ltd.

Otava Publishing Company Ltd. (established 1890) is today the second largest general publisher in Finland, covering literature in general and teaching materials. Otava Publishing Company's is part of Otava Books and Magazines Group Ltd. - a corporate media group platform that provides us with great opportunities of sharing knowledge and contribute to the use of new media in schools.

We provide the Finnish pupils at all levels of education with more than two million copies of textbooks a year, confirming our position as one of the most prominent educational publishers.

Otava Publishing Company Ltd
Uudenmaankatu 10
00120 Helsinki

Tel: 358 91 99 61 | Fax: 358 91 99 65 60
E-Mail: otava@otava.fi | Website: www.otava.fi

Contact: Publishing Director Eeva Lahdenmaki
E-Mail: eeva.lahdenmaki@otava.fi

Sulakauri Publishing

Sulakauri Publishing founded in 1999 is the leading general and educational publisher in Georgia with a extensive range of textbooks as well as children's books, classics, contemporary fiction and non-fiction.

In cooperation with local authors and international partners, Sulakauri has been able to produce efficient printed and digital educational materials and textbooks for primary, secondary and upper-secondary levels.

Keeping up with innovations and international standards, we are keen to fulfill the needs of teachers and support students in getting a high-quality education.

Sulakauri Publishing
D. Agmashenebeli Ave. 150
0112 Tbilisi

eMail: info@sulakauri.ge
Tel.: +995 32 2911165
web: www.www.sulakauri.ge

Name: Tina Kukhianidze

Cornelsen Verlag GmbH

Cornelsen Verlag is today a leading educational publishing house in Germany. Founded in 1946, Cornelsen has during the past sixty years developed exceptional expertise in creating educational media for all types of schools and nearly all subjects, especially designed for the German educational system.

The 16 federal states in Germany have separate curricula, making educational publishing a challenge. We have developed a unique module system that keeps us ahead of our competitors. As a result, we can respond quickly and be updated on new trends.

Cornelsen Verlag GmbH
Mecklenburgische Straße 53
14197 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 897 85-8151 | Fax: +49 30 897 85-97-8151
E-Mail: frank.thalhofer@cornelsen.de | Website: www.cornelsen.de
Cornelsen's international department website: www.cornelsen.de/international

Patakis Publishers

Patakis Publishers was founded in 1974 by Stefanos and Melpomeni Pataki and is now an established and leading general publisher in the Greek market. The core business is publishing, but Patakis also has several book stores around the country.

We publish the complete range from educational books anddictionaries over encyclopedias and scientific books to fiction and non-fiction for both adults and children. Our combination of fulltime employees and external freelancers makes it possible for us to pick the best team for each assigment or publication.

Patakis Publishers
38, Pan. Tsaldari Str (formerly Peiraios)
104-37 Athens

Tel: 30 21 05 20 56 00, 30 21 03 65 00 00 & 30 81 01 00 26 65 | Fax: 30 21 03 65 00 69
E-Mail: info@patakis.gr | Website: www.patakis.gr

CJ Fallon

CJF Mission
CJ Fallon are committed to providing Irish teachers with the highest quality teaching and learning resources.

The company works with the best teachers in the country, who contribute as authors, advisors and reviewers to ensure that all of our resources have the depth and breadth that is required to achieve the optimum learning outcomes. A lot of emphasis is placed on the provision of digital resources for in-class use and our eBook offerings are compatible with all mobile devices.

Our goal is to empower teachers and pupils to achieve their learning outcomes by providing resources that are 'best-in-class' and always challenging.

CJ Fallon
Ground Floor - Block B
Liffey Valley Office Campus
Dublin 22

Brian Gilsenan
Chief Executive
Dir: +353 1 616 6477
Mob: +353 86 244 2587

Website: www.cjfallon.ie

Lattes Editori

Founded in 1893, Lattes Editori is a leading Italian publisher in secondary education, with a focus on early secondary school. Our educational materials cover nearly all subjects and integrate traditional and digital content, from paper to virtual reality.

Lattes aims at meeting the learning styles of the students, as well as introducing a gradual but lasting change in the way inclusion is perceived and addressed in the Italian educational system. We are also accredited by the Ministry of Education as a provider of continuing education for teachers.

S. Lattes & C. Editori S.p.A.
Via Confienza, 6
10121 Turin

eMail: info@latteseditori.it
web: www.latteseditori.it

Tel: +39 0115625335

Zvaigzne ABC Publishers Ltd.

Zvaigzne ABC Publishers Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is today the biggest publishing house in Latvia, including its own wholesale warehouse and range of bookstores. The range of publications is a combination of both new titles and imported materials from some of the best publishing houses around the world.

Our greatest ambition is to create the best and most straightforward way to books and knowledge for both children and adults in Latvia by continuing to develop our publishing business in close relation to our points of sale.

Zvaigzne ABC Publishers Ltd.
6 K Valdemara St.
1010 Riga

Tel: 371 7 50 87 99 | Fax: 371 7 50 87 98
E-Mail: foreign.rights@zvaigzne.lv | Website: www.zvaigzne.lv


Sviesa is the largest publisher of textbooks and educational literature in Lithuania. It was founded in 1945 as a publishing house of educational literature and has not changed its course so far.

Sviesa publications currently include textbooks, workbooks, test books, teacher's books, e-publications, reference books, dictionaries, and other educational literature, cognitive literature, publications for parents, educators, and general public. Sviesa publishes more than 400 titles each year and has 60% market share in the Lithuanian educational literature market.

Together with the publishing house Alma littera, two bookshop chains, Pegasas and Baltos lankos and the Book Club, Sviesa is a part of Alma littera group companies.

Sviesa Publishers, Ltd.
Ozeskienes g. 10
44252 Kaunas

Tel. 370 37 40 91 26 | Fax: 370 37 34 20 32
E-Mail: mail@sviesa.lt | Website: www.sviesa.lt

Gyldendal Undervisning

Gyldendal Education is Norway's largest educational publishing company, a leading publisher of teaching materials for all levels from preschool to upper-secondary school, and with over half a century of experience in the educational field.

Through innovative development and collaboration with the best educational expertise in Norway, Gyldendal has developed Norway's most successful digital learning resources.
Gyldendal is always searching for new solutions that can provide students with better learning.

Gyldendal Undervisning
P.O. Box 6860, St. Olavs Plass
0130 Oslo

Tel: 47 22 03 41 80
E-Mail: Line Krauss-Larsen | Website: www.gyldendal.no/


Learnetic is an innovative educational content publisher and e-learning technology provider. Our interactive digital content, publishing tools and eLearning platforms are widely used by publishers, teachers and students in over 30 countries.

We are a reliable and trusted partner with years of experience in digital education market. We do strongly believe in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) philosophy within school environment as well as digital interactive content format standardization in publishing industry - we are the trend setters in both of those areas with our tools and platforms. We are happy to offer extensive consultations and our expertise.

Azymutalna 9,
80-298 Gdańsk

Tel: +48 58 764 75 00

E-Mail: info@learnetic.com
Website: www.learnetic.com

Texto Editores

Texto Editores was founded in 1977 in Lisbon and is today one of the leading educational publishing houses in Portugal, handling the complete printing process from start to finish.

We invest a lot in the scientific and educational qualities of our publications base don our thorough and up-dated knowledge about the educational system in Portugal. Our authors and professional consultants all work on a very high level, guaranteeing the great quality that Texto Editores has as a trademark. Furthermore, we put a lot of work into bringing the Internet to the Portuguese schools.

Texto Editores, Lda. Est.
Rua Cidade de Cordóva 2
2610-038 Alfragide

Tel: 351 2 14 27 22 00 | Fax: 351 2 14 27 22 01
E-Mail: educacao@textoeditores.com | Website: http://www.texto.pt/pt/

SC Art Klett SRL

Art Klett is a company co-owned by Grupul Editorial Art (as a majority shareholder) and Klett Lernen und Information (as a minority shareholder).

The Klett Group is one of Europe's leading education-dedicated enterprises, with 67 companies at 33 sites in 15 countries. The Group's portfolio encompasses everything from traditional textbooks to modern interactive learning aids; from professional literature to the classics. Moreover, the Klett Group has established itself as the leading private provider of educational and continued education services.

Grupul Editorial Art was established in 2001 and is the second largest Romanian publishing house, according to official data of the Romanian Trade Register. Grupul Editorial Art owns imprints of children's books, young adult books, general literature, graphic novels, essays and is the largest educational books producer. We are a very solid company, with a tradition of 17 years in educational books publishing, with books covering every grade (from 0 to 12 grade) and with a high own-imposed standard of quality.

SC Art Klett SRL
Str. Grigore Alexandrescu, nr. 79, Sector 1
062610 Bucuresti

Tel.: +4 021 224 30 89 | Fax: +4 021 224 32 87
E-Mail: ramona.tanase@editura-art.ro | Website: https://www.editura-art.ro

Kreativni Centar

Kreativni Centar was founded in 1989 and has gradually become the leading publisher of children's books and educational materials in Serbia.

Creativity is at the very core of our business - reflected graphically in publications and in the fact that we actively encourage children around the country to base their lives and companionships on creativity and imagination - it makes it much more fun! With the disappearance of monopoly in the educational market in Serbia, Kreativni Centar has grown in size and we play a very central part in the educational debate today.

Kreativni Centar
Gradistanska 8
11120 Beograd

Tel: 381 11 3 82 04 64 | Fax: 381 11 3 82 04 83
E-Mail: info@kreativnicentar.rs & udzbenici@kreativnicentar.rs | Website: www.kreativnicentar.rs

Rokus Klett Publishing House Ltd.

Rokus Klett Publishing House was founded in 1991 and has textbooks and supplementary materials for primary and secondary school as its core business.

Today we are the leader in the Slovenian market for mother-tongue textbooks, because we have introduced and incorporated modern pedagogical, psychological and methodical knowledge into our materials, combined with our great design and texts, which are all written by leading authors. Furthermore, our monographs are renowned for their outstanding, award-winning designs. Books are to us as a great cultural asset that deserves the best of conditions.

Rokus Klett Publishing House Ltd.
Stegne 9b
1000 Ljubljana

Tel: 386 15 13 46 00 | Fax: 386 15 13 46 99
E-Mail: rokus@rokus-klett.si | Website: www.rokus-klett.si

Editorial Vicens Vives

In 1960, Editorial Vicens Vives was founded in memory of the prominent Spanish historian, professor and author Jaume Vicens Vives. The publishing house is now one of Spain's leading publishers of educational materials.

Our portfolio covers all educational levels, starting with kindergarten and ending at university level in subjects like history, geography, mathematics and economics. We also publish a wide range of didactic materials for all levels: Children's games, Cartographic and Anatomic materials, fully digitalized, are being successfully commercialized in other languages and countries.

Editorial Vicnes Vives
Av. Sarrià, 130-132
08017 Barcelona

Tel: 34 9 32 52 37 02 | Fax: 34 9 32 52 37 10
E-Mail: msalla@vicensvives.es | Website: www.vicensvives.es

Natur & Kultur

Natur & Kultur is an independent and well-established entity within the Swedish publishing industry. The company publishes a wide range of educational materials for pre-school, primary and secondary (GY) education, as well as higher education and SFI courses (Swedish for immigrants). Publications are managed, on a project-by-project basis, by a group of experienced editors.

As a foundation we believe that awareness, tolerance, and education form the basis of individual freedom and social co-operation. Therefore, we aim to promote political as well as economic freedom, and to work against totalitarian governments and ideas, in our publications.

Natur & Kultur
NoK Läromedel Box 27 323
102 54 Stockholm

Tel: 46 84 53 86 00 | Fax: 46 84 53 87 90
E-Mail: eva.hagrot@nok.se | Website: www.nok.se

Lehrmittelverlag Zürich

Lehrmittelverlag Zürich was founded in 1851 as a governmental publishing house with the political direction, formulated by the Department of Education of the Canton Zürich, to develop teaching material for the state schools grades one to nine. Today, Lehrmittelverlag Zürich is the leading educational publishing house in Switzerland.

We continuously develop our programmes in order for us to keep up with the development in both traditional textbooks and modern multimedia and teaching games.

Lehrmittelverlag Zürich
Räffelstrasse 32
8045 Zürich

Tel: 41 4 44 65 85 85 | Fax: 41 4 44 65 85 86
E-Mail: info@lmvz.ch | Website: www.lmvz.ch

Ranok Publishing House

RANOK Publishing House (the core company in Ranok Corporation) has been successfully working in Ukraine since 1997. Ranok specialises primarily in children's and educational literature and has gained a high reputation in this field.

The educational department of PH Ranok publishes developmental materials for children as well as educational, didactic and methodological literature for all levels of education: from nursery and kindergarten to high school. Currently, PH Ranok has more than 2000 titles of educational literature and course materials in print. All subjects and school levels are covered by Ranok's portfolio.

Ranok has offices in all regions of Ukraine, and offices abroad: in the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its powerful logistics centre with more than 17 900 shelf-storage places for more than 31 000 SKU, and a bookshop chain consisting of more than 30 shops mean that the Publishing House can provide a good quality range of products with fast and efficient production and supply, and excellent customer service.

RANOK Publishing House
21a Kosmicheskaya str,
Kharkiv 61145

Tel/Fax: +38 (057) 701-11-22

E-mail: office@ranok.com.ua
Website: http://www.ranok.com.ua/

Contact: Kateryna Natidze
E-mail: kateryna.natidze@ranok.com.ua