Otava Publishing Company Ltd.

Otava Publishing Company Ltd. (established 1890) is today the second largest general publisher in Finland, covering literature in general and teaching materials. Otava Publishing Company's is part of Otava Books and Magazines Group Ltd. - a corporate media group platform that provides us with great opportunities of sharing knowledge and contribute to the use of new media in schools.

We provide the Finnish pupils at all levels of education with more than two million copies of textbooks a year, confirming our position as one of the most prominent educational publishers.
Otava Publishing Company Ltd
Uudenmaankatu 10
00120 Helsinki

Tel: 358 91 99 61 | Fax: 358 91 99 65 60
E-Mail: otava@otava.fi | Website: www.otava.fi

Contact: Publishing Director Eeva Lahdenmaki
E-Mail: eeva.lahdenmaki@otava.fi