Faroe Islands

Nám is an educational publisher in the Faroe Islands. We are operating in a micro market - the population in the country is approximately 52.000 inhabitants and there are approx. 700 pupils in each year, therefor we are also the only educational publisher in the Faroe Islands.

Nám is a public publishing house producing both printed and digital materials. In addition to its publishing business, Nám is a centre for education services offering ICT-solutions, library, courses and guidance for teachers.

The publishing house was founded in the 1950's as Føroya Skúlabókagrunnur, but in 2010 it merged vit KT-Depilin (the ICT-central for schools) and Landsmiðstøðin fyri undirvísingaramboð (the centre for education).

The company publishes educational material for all subjects in the Faroese language for the entire school system, though mainly for primary, secondary and upper secondary school. For primary and secondary school our focus is on printed books, but all our printed books are also published on a digital platform. For upper secondary school, our main product are digital books (internet books).
Hoyvíksvegi 72
FO-100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

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