9 Collaborating on EU projects

Twice before, I have written about EU projects, but nothing much has happened. Now, this request from Sviesa reached me just before finishing this newsletter:
We are interested in cooperation for participation in Erasmus+ and / or Horizon projects. We develop new educational technologies (digital learning environments, assessment tools, digital content, etc.) that at the moment suits our local market, but we are interested in broader cooperation within Europe. Maybe you could help us in finding partners / publishers that has similar needs?
I would like to find out from you who is also interested in EU projects and what your special subject/topic interests would be.

If you are interested, I'd like to suggest a preliminary meeting of interested publishers at BETT. I would be happy to organize a meeting but can only offer the 27th or maybe the 28th. If you or somebody from the company is going to BETT and would be interested in a meeting concerning EU projects please let me know. If you are interested but not going to BETT, please also drop me a line and we will probably put this on the agenda for our network meeting in Tel Aviv in March.