Useful links and documents

Here is an article that should already be well-known to our Danish member, Systime, because Poul Henrik Mikkelsen is commenting and presenting his views on the hot topic: The Digitization Dilemma.

And here is an interview with Benjamin Wüstenhagen, the founder of the start-up K.Lab, who talked at the Publishers Forum in Berlin at the end of April.

I'd like to remind you of last year's publications by Eurydice. Here is a list of 2016 publications with an updated publication on the structure of European education systems.
The Eurydice network provides high quality information on a wide range of aspects of education policy and practice in Europe. With the support of national units based in 38 countries, Eurydice provides descriptions of national education systems, comparative studies devoted to specific topics indicators and statistics. Eurydice reports cover information from EU Member States as well as other countries participating in the network and are available in various languages. Please also read this very interesting article about Homework.