14 Introducing service providers/suppliers

During the book fair we were contacted by several publishers, service suppliers and technology companies who would either like to sell rights or products. Mostly, I have referred them and asked them to contact you directly via the contact information on our website, but some asked me to pass on the information. So without any evaluation, here is a company that produces language games and is looking for a partner/distributor:

"If you are interested in Interactive English language games, please contact
Jet Hiensch at Bang the Button.

The star-game «Bang the button!!!», awarded by the European Language Label 2014, is available in 4 editions/levels whereas their most recent game «The Chatterbox» is available at the level Starters.
Their websiteis www.kriamisso.com

Here is also a price list for distribution/resale are concerned:

Here is also a price list for distribution/resale are concerned (Prices in Euro):
Resale/Distribution (excl. VAT) Recommended price (incl. VAT)
Bang The Button 12,50 24,95
The Chatterbox 13,50 27,70