IPA-EPF meeting in London 13th April

The meeting was held a day after the "What works conference" and was mainly concerned with discussing the usefulness of the conference and whether it should move to another place (such as Brussels) to achieve more impact. Judging by attendance (120 participants + 20 speakers) it was the most successful WW conference yet, but the feedback was very mixed. The mixture of "publishing" and "policy" subjects was seen as problematic. The EPF will look into this and come up with alternatives (shorter conference, focussing on publishing issues, maybe bi-annual) in October.

Mozaik (Hungary) and the BFU (Danish educational publishers association) will become EPF members.

There will be no EPF September meeting but the EPF open forum in Frankfurt. Last year, the forum was held in a very small room but this year, it will be back to its former venue and hopefully attract both interesting speakers and an interested audience.

José Borghino outlined the IPA strategy at WIPO SCCR which involves bringing as many educational publishers to Geneva as possible to meet with Geneva missions, ambassadors and bureaucrats to explain why broadening copyright exceptions will be harmful. Jay Diskey pointed out that the week after Frankfurt may be a good opportunity to meet many publishers (including Canadian).