5 Book Fair in Frankfurt October 14th to 18th October

Because the book fair had reorganized the halls and the international hall 10 was disbanded, there was a lot going on in hall 4, where the EEPG has its stand. We were in a very good position next to the Educational Hot Spot and many people stopped by and enquired about EEPG. Mostly, of course, people want to sell something, but there were also publishers inquiring about membership. We are following this up and will give you more information in the next edition of this newsletter. The EEPG stand was also a good meeting place for members. Please remember that you can use the facilities if you do not have your own stand. Next year, I will allocate a few hours every day for members - and if we are near the Educational Hot Spot again, there is always free coffee! Here are some impressions from the 2015 event.

Before disclosure of the BELMA winners. Members using the stand for meetings.
EEPG Newsletter 2015_4 Pix 001.jpg

The EEPG stand with the BELMA winning products on display and a happy stand crew.

EEPG Newsletter 2015_4 Pix 002.jpg

The management board discusses changes to BELMA with Jean-Claude Lasnier and Christoph Bläsi.
EEPG Newsletter 2015_4 Pix 003.jpg

A good crowd at the BELMA ceremony. More pictures here and in the photo gallery.
EEPG Newsletter 2015_4 Pix 004.jpg

Celebrating with a glass of wine - reception after the BELMA prize giving.

EEPG Newsletter 2015_4 Pix 005.jpg

In Hall 5 Kreativni Centar stand ....

EEPG Newsletter 2015_4 Pix 006.jpg

... and Patakis stand.

EEPG Newsletter 2015_4 Pix 007.jpg