4 Conference in September 2016 in Berlin on New Trends in Pedagogy

The conference took place at the premises of our host Cornelsen and 52 people participated, amongst them eleven non members. It started with an informal get together at Cornelsen headquarters. The next day the three keynote speakers, Stephen Haggard, Rick Shepherd and Arja Svensson gave interesting and inspiring talks followed by Q&A sessions. The videos of the keynote speakers can be watched on the website and on YouTube.

There were also some good opportunities to exchange ideas with other publishers from the EEPG and non members. At the market place session six publishers presented their latest developments and products. The presentations can be downloaded in the members' section.

On the second evening there was a short sightseeing tour of Berlin followed by dinner at the Berlin International Club. The conference finished with a lively panel discussion on various topics arising from the keynotes and the presentations, such as the new role of the publisher, digitalization as a chance or threat, OER and new business models.