What Works Conference

The conference took place during the London Book Fair and it was quite a mixed bag of talks and presentations. Unfortunately, the presentations are not accessible online (yet?). However, here are a few highlights:
  1. Francesco Avvisati's keynote was based on this interesting study by OECD. Please note that there are also several country reports available from this website.
  2. Laurie Forcier from the office of the chief education advisor at Pearson talked about how Pearson is reinventing itself preparing for the future. She talked mainly about Pearson's new efficiacy agenda, adaptive learning and AI in education. More information can be found here.
  3. While sessions 2 and 3 were only marginally interesting for publishers, session 4 about data protection, privacy and cybersecurity should concern everybody in the publishing industry as well as in schools. In my last newsletter, I already linked to a presentation by the Dutch publishing association; at the WW4, Job Vos from Kennisnet explained again, how the private sector (publishers, suppliers, distributors) and the public sector (schools, ministries) can work together