Shaping the Future, Edtech Summit, Leading the way from schooling to learning, Tel Aviv (March 2017)

The conference, which was a huge event and attracted educators, politicians and and innovative leaders from technology and finance from all over the world, took place at the Hilton in Tel Aviv and also at the headquarters of CET.

The conference was organized by CET and opened by Gila Ben Har, CEO of The Centrer for Educational technology and Gila Gamliel, Minister for Social Equality, Digital Israel project. There were renowned speakers such as Martin Dougiamas, the founder and CEO of Moodle, or Rose Luckin, Professor at UCL Knowledge lab but also many start-ups that had the opportunity to present their ideas and products.

The first day of the edtech summit provided not only food for thought about the future of education but also valuable insights into the development of technologies enhancing the learning and teaching process. The 2nd day was devoted to smaller interest forums and provided opportunities for in-depth discussions and sharing knowledge with experts from all over the world on diverse topics related to digital developments. There is more information about Shaping the Future (and the Hackathon related to it) here.

From this website, you can also go to Youtube where many of the speeches and presentations can be watched (some are in Hebrew and while they were translated at the conference, this is not the case here). For a very personal view from one of the participants, Nina Iles of the British Educational Suppliers Association, please click here.