6. Miscellaneous

Stephen Haggard, who some of you remember from the Berlin conference in September 2016 (his video is still online), has asked me if anybody is interested in meeting at BETT. I will not attend myself, but if you are and are interested in getting in touch again, here are his details:

Stephen Haggard
Director & Co-Founder
+44 (0) 7956370294

I quote from his email:
This year my company DLA is concentrating at BETT on our range of video-centred English Language assets. These are supplied at CERF Levels A1 to C2 and come complete with teacher and student packs built on a video-centred learning pedagogy. The product is designed and priced to allow publishers to go straight to their national K-12 markets with a full video product, rights cleared, using attractive authentic stories sourced from social media and global broadcasters. There is a guide script from a UK English speaker but we can record other accents e.g. North American. The price point and production method should enable publishers to have cutting edge video-led propositions in ELT available to show at Frankfurt and sell for Autumn 2018. You can view the series if you follow the link below my signature.

Also, at OEB, I met with Jozef Misik from Knowble. I was fascinated by how they use AI to access the content that a publisher already has to create new learning materials. here is the presentation and I also quote from his latest email to me:
Please feel free to review and share with your members the attached deck. Furthermore, have a look at the 360AI homepage.360AI provides Artificial Intelligence designed specifically for education in the form of APIs. Our aim is to accelerate the development of innovative educational products. Our AI allows for automatic content-to-curriculum mapping, automatic meta-tagging for better content management, content analysis, etc. We would be glad to present what AI at large means for education; and what 360AI can do for the EEPG members.

Jozef Misik
Managing Director
+31 648 873 128

See you all in 2018!