7 Management board meeting in Portugal, 26th February

The management board meeting took place in Alfragide in Portugal on February 26th. The main discussion points were:
  • 2016 Budget
    • the budget as approved
    • an amended budget was approved in April, taking into consideration the revised income structure from BELMA participation. The budget can be found in the members' section.
  • Networks (see 8)
  • New members (strategy and incentives)
    • A list of potential candidates from non member states was worked out and Helga is contacting them.
    • If joining during the year, there will be a discount on the membership fee.
    • If joining in 2017 but wanting to take part in the conference in September 2016, the fee for the conference will be the member fee.
  • BELMA progress in revising the criteria (see 9)