8. Network meetings in 2016

EEPG Network Meeting for decision makers.
12. - 13. May 2016 Aarhus, Denmark,
Host: Systime

Please find the relevant information and the registration document in the members' section. As of April 8th, the following members have registered:
Cornelsen, Learnetic, Kreativni Centar, Sviesa, Otava, Veritas and of course, Systime. Unfortunately, as so often the case, Fraus and Gyldendal cannot take part because of conflicting events.

A follow-up with a questionnaire will be sent to those who have registered on April 21st. As always, we appreciate active involvement. If you are not certain yet and need more information, please let me know and I will forward the follow up and questionnaire also.

EEPG Network Meeting on copyright issues.
9. - 10. June 2016 Athens, Greece,
Host: Pataki

Unfortunately, this meeting proves very difficult to organize. The Belgrade meting in 2015 was a great success and we are very keen to have a continuation. Unfortunately, all the possible keynote speakers have other time commitments. If a keynote speaker cannot be found at the "What works" conference in London next week, the meeting will have to be postponed. If you have any ideas for speakers, please get in touch.

EEPG Conference:
15. - 16. September 2016, Berlin, Germany
New trends in pedagogy: Student-centered learning and the new role of the teacher

This conference is open to non-members. The following fees will apply:
early bird Non members 250 Members 150
normal Non members 300 Members 200

Here are the topics and a preliminary agenda. The keynote speakers can all be found on linked in. The moderator Markus Ritter is from the university of Bochum.

What are the key factors for better learning? How can technology support teaching and learning?

Day 1 morning
  • Opening from the host, Cornelsen (Mark van Mierle, Frank Thalhofer)
  • Opening for EEPG (Helga Holtkamp and Markus Ritter)
    • Summary overview of the situation in Europe, expenditure on education, enrolment figures, school equipment, etc.
  • Keynote Speech I - Video in education (Stephen Haggard,)
    • Q&A with twitter and commenting function
Day 1 afternoon
  • Keynote Speech II - English language teaching (Rick Shepherd)
    • Q&A with twitter and commenting function
  • Marketplace (about 2 hours) (invitation Markus Ritter)
    • opportunity for participating publishers to present own projects on the conference topic
    • presentations on the conference topics by German schools
  • Conference summary day 1 (Markus Ritter)
Day 2
  • Keynote Speech III - More leadership, less management (Arja Holmstedt Svensson)
    • Q&A with twitter and commenting function
  • Panel discussion(s) with participating publishers, moderated by Markus Ritter, topics/questions to be developed
  • Conference summary day 2 (Markus Ritter, Helga Holtkamp)