The BELMA ceremony was attended by more people then ever and there was quite a bit of interest by educational publishers who had not heard about BELMA before. You can get impressions from the website as well as a look at all the winners.

Incidentally, take a look at this presentation by Emma House of the UK Publishers Association on Quality Guidelines for Textbooks. We have agreed to work more closely together in the future and keep each other informed. It is a pity, we do not have a UK member in the EEPG.
Registration for the new BELMA 2017 will be available from 15. January 2017. There will be a new fee structure, because we do believe BELMA will attract more participants if the fee for non members will be reduced. To cover our costs, the fees for members will have to be raised slightly. This is the new price structure:
  • non members 500 for the first entry, 500 for all following
  • members 300 for the first entry, 240 for all following