The EEPG's aims and objectives are:
  • To further the development of quality educational materials in Europe.
  • To research, monitor and analyse developments in educational politics in Europe and other parts of the world.
  • To consolidate and share all relevant information on educational politics and developments.
  • To document and publish the network's position on educational politics in Europe.
  • To form efficient strategic alliances amongst the members in order to be able totender for EU projects.
  • To advise on EU projects and support its members with their applications.
  • To represent its members at other publishing associations.
You can find the EEPG on these platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

EEPG meetings
The EEPG organizes three meetings every year at which members discuss current issues in educational publishing and exchange ideas. These events are hosted by different members in different countries and deal with varying topics such as:

  • New business models
  • Digitalization in the classroom / kindergarten
  • Copyright issues
  • New trends in pedagogy
  • Marketing strategies for educational publishers
  • Reorganising production processes
  • Networking for decision makers

to name but a few. Each network meeting lasts for a day and a half. There is always at least one renowned keynote speaker. The EEPG members are given the opportunity to present developments in their company and exchange ideas and discussion points. Attendance to these meetings is free for two participants from each company, if more are attending there is a small fee.