PROSVETA Publishing Group

PROSVETA Publishing Group

Prosveta Publishing Group is the largest Bulgarian educational publisher. For over seven decades, it has been the most authoritative educational publishing house in the country. Prosveta offers textbooks and teaching aids in all subjects for kindergarten and school grades 1st to 12th, including foreign language textbooks in English, German, Russian and French.

In its nearly 75-year-long history, Prosveta has:
  • Worked with over 50,000 authors;
  • Published over 17,000 different titles;
  • Had a total circulation of over 2 billion copies.

Prosveta Publishing Group creates high quality textbooks and teaching aids under three different brand names - Prosveta Sofia, Prosveta Plus and Prosveta AzBuki, united under the common name of Prosveta. Having three brands ensures that each teacher is able to choose the textbook that best meets the needs of his students, as well as his own preferences.

All of Prosveta's products are being developed by a highly qualified team of specialists well established in the field of education, art and culture. Prosveta is the only Bulgarian educational publisher with a permanent team of experienced editors on all subjects. Part of the publishing group's structure is a deployed network of representatives in all district towns, which ensures direct contact with each of the over 2500 Bulgarian schools and nearly as many kindergartens throughout the country.

In 2011 Prosveta became the first publishing house to launch electronic textbooks on the Bulgarian market. The e-textbooks were developed by Prosveta's subsidiary company Prosveta Libri as a free additional resource for teachers who teach with Prosveta's textbooks at school, and for home use by students and their parents. The latest generation of e-textbooks feature additional audio and video resources, interactive exercises, self-assessment tests and games, thus making studying seamless, fun and convenient.

In 2016, Prosveta started to develop an entirely new generation of textbooks in all subjects for all school grades and for all kindergarten groups in order to accommodate the new curriculums and the reform programme enforced in the educational system by the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education has approved all of Prosveta's new kindergarten activity books and school textbooks. All of them come with state-of-the-art interactive digital editions, and are currently being used by the majority of schoolteachers throughout the country.

Prosveta's online store offers our full range of products. It is continuously updated with new and free digital resources for teachers, students and parents, such as tutorials, assessment tests, games, teacher books and e-textbooks.

In its 73-year-long history, Prosveta Publishing House has been repeatedly honored with prestigious international awards for its editions, including the Best European Learning Materials Award (BELMA).
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