NewsFlash No. 2

Dear colleague

A Happy and hopefully Healthy New Year. May 2021 be less strange than 2020.

It has certainly started very strangely when you look at the US and we are asking ourselves whether this is the final proof that social media can be very dangerous. In the meantime, with the pandemic's second wave not abating, social media and virtual communication tools help us all to stay in touch.

On Monday, we are planning an informal EEPG chat on Zoom and everybody from your company is welcome - please share the link if you think your colleagues might be interested.

We are planning to make this a regular feature - meeting once a month on the second Monday. To give these talks a loose structure, we thought it would be nice to hand over the lead for these talks to one or two publishers from the group every month. I am therefore delighted to say that Sintija Buhanovska from Zvaigzne in Latvia has agreed to try this format with me on Monday.

Please join us for a very informal Q&A and of course everybody is welcome to contribute. Here's the link again. Hope to see you on monday and have a good weekend.

All the best


EEPG welcomes 2021
Monday, 11. Jan. 2021 05:00 PM CET

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