2. AGM in Frankfurt

The AGM in Frankfurt was attended by all but three members. This was one of the best attended meetings ever and there were some very fruitful discussions. There are some issues I want to clear with the board before putting up the minutes. I'll inform you when that is done after Christmas. But here are the main points in a nutshell:

  • Jurgita Nacevičienė from Sviesa, Lithuania and
  • Artur Dyro from Learnetic, Poland

were elected as new board members for 2019.

Unfortunately, Jurgita has since left Sviesa. For the time being Irmantas Svavas will take her place. A management board meeting is taking place on February 4th and we will discuss how to proceed. It is not quite clear from the By-Laws whether the position of board member is bound to a person or to a company. So, I went back to Preben Späth, and it is his opinion that it is the company not the person - and I agree. However, we will inform you after the board meeting. Preben, by the way, sends his regards to everybody who remembers him. He is very well and actively pursuing the task of writing a new book about the origin of language(s).

Other important take aways from the AGM:
  • Jiri Fraus initiated a discussion about the main goals of the EEPG, its fee structure and its future in general. The paper was distributed before the AGM and will be discussed at the board meeting in depth. Concrete suggestions will be published afterwards.
  • The application of Mladinska Knjiga was rejected with an overwhelming majority of 20 votes.
  • The budget for 2019 was accepted.
  • Possible network meetings were discussed: So far, the suggestions are
    • end of February / beginning of March in Ukraine (Kiev) on digital investment
    • 9th / 10th of May Network meeting for decision makers in Sofia. BUTplease note: This is also the date of the Book World in Prague, and Fraus Publishers are planning an event together with EEPG. The plan is to initiate a discussion about the status and quality of Czech textbooks and their comparison to the textbooks from other European countries. I have already talked to some of you about this and how best practice examples from other European publishers would be welcome. I will therefore write to all members in the first week of January and try to fix a new date for the network meeting for decision makers. This could be 13/14 or 17/18 of May.
    • We are still looking for ideas and a host and date for the third network meeting. This will be a discussion point at the MBM, but please come forward if you have any ideas.

The dinner after the AGM was a welcome opportunity to discuss important ed pub issues in an informal and relaxed atmoshere. We will certainly make this a tradition.