3. IPA meeting in Paris

An IPA meeting took place in Paris on December 6th and 7th. The minutes have not been published but here are some important points.

On 6th of December Anne Bergman informed the participants about the copyright situation in the European Parliament. Important for educational publishes are article 4, 16, 16a, 17 and 17a. Please read the press release of FEP concerning this topic.

FEP is planning an innovation day in September/October to give publishers the opportunity to engage positively with MEPs. Active participation from publishers is requested and I will keep you posted on this. But it is also very important that publishers engage with their MPs on a local / national level.

Marie-Christine Levet talked about digital developments in education and how the focus has shifted to he "4c school" characterized by Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical thinking. Her presentation will be made available as well as that of Liz Sproat (Google for Education). Liz, who was with Pearson before joining Google, gave a general talk in which she wanted to assure everyone that basically Google has no interest in distributing or selling content to schools. She pointed out that the technology partner program was interesting for educational publishers. (We heard that also in Dublin in September 2017).

A year ago an initiative was started called the "value of educational publishing campaign". First results were introduced and discussed. By mid 2019 (or just after the London Book fair) there will be video and power point material that publishers in Europe can use and customize for their markets.

Sylvie Forbin from WIPO introduced the WIPO Publishers Circle and Action Plan. Please check here. We think it might be an excellent idea if the EEPG signed this charter and became part of the initiative as it strengthens the right to publish.

The IPA/EPF regularly collects country reports and I am here enclosing reports from Belgium, Italy and the UK since those countries are not represented in EEPG.