2. Management board meeting February

The mangement board meeting took place in Warsaw on 4th of February. As I have already written, one of the members elected at the AGM has since left the company Sviesa. She has been replaced by Irmantas Svavas.

Please note that at the AGM, you had given us the task to look into the fee structure and come up with options to alternatives. The different possibilities were discussed at length, but the result was a "no change" decision. In the minutes, you will find a more detailed explanation. You can also find some ideas about the "lobbying" issues that were discussed at the AGM.

Another key issue at the management board meeting was the question of how to raise awareness for the EEPG and BELMA. Since then a Facebook account for both BELMA and the EEPG has been established (please like them) and a LinkedIn account is being set up.

The minutes of the board meeting can be found here.