4. IPA meeting in London

An IPA meeting took place in London after the Book Fair on Friday 15th. There were 38 attendants. After some administrative issues concerning the steering group and the operating guidelines (Chair and vice chair), there were a number of presentation, which can mostly be found here as well as the minutes of the meeting:

Please read the minutes for an update on the UK market by Colin Hughes, managing director, Collins learning. If you are wondering who "GT" is in these minutes, it is Graham Taylor, who organizes the IPA/EPF meetings.

I would like to add a few interesting points here: In Britain, the big 5 educational publishers share a market with about 800 small niche publishers. Still, teachers are providing their own materials. Because the market for digital was developed early (in the late 90ies), it is fairly substantial compared to other European countries at 15%, but that might change with less funding. A national approval system as envisaged by the current government goes against British culture. It's implementation is very doubtful.

Please also read the information on "Value of Educational Publishing" and look at the presentation. At the Sofia network meeting in May, Brian Gilsenan will explain the development, the outcome and how every publisher can use the materials and adapt them for their own needs.