5. BELMA progress

As always, but increasingly so in the last few years, applications for BELMA are very slow. It seems that people keep it until the last minute. This is a bit awkward for the jury chairman, Jean-Claude Lasnier. He has to distribute every title to the members in such a way that each title is being looked at by three different members of the jury, who speak the language or do at least have access to academics who can help.

This year, we are negotiating with the Book Fair to get more media presence for the award ceremony. The good news is, that BELMA seems to attract more publishers and institutions that are not in the EEPG.

There is still time to take part, so please get your products out there and register. We are also currently "modernising" Christoph Bläsi's presentation at Frankfurt "From Don'ts to Dos", which we'll upload shortly.