7. Business opportunities and contacts

Both during the book fair in Frankfurt and at BETT or similar events, I get constantly approached by printers, tech companies and other suppliers who would like the EEPG members to use (buy) their services. As usual, I do not judge those companies, but here is an opportunity to look into some just in case you are interested.

Video production: I already introduced Stephen Haggard from Digital learning associates to you following the BELMA presentation. Some of you might also remember him from the Berlin conference in 2016. Another video production company - totally different because they do bespoke ELT videos - is this one: Creative Listening.

Publishing solutions: This Indian company has visited our stand at the Frankfurt Bookfair every year now for at least 4 years, so I'm finally caving in and giving you the details. " S2Synergy Global - Faster, Smarter and Cost-effective Publishing Solutions", see what you think. I've also got a lot of printed brochures here, so I can bring them to the next network meeting. And the sales person is Pawan Kumar Choudhary.

And finally, I have been approached by UPM, a Finish consortium, to send you this text and a link:

What is the role of paper in learning and the future of education?
UPM report shares the latest research.
The educational publishing market is in turmoil. While overall growth has been steady at $body.3 billion between 2014 and 2018, the effects of digitalization on the industry are undeniable. However, it has been proven that students still have a better capacity for learning when using printed books and often show a preference for the look and feel of traditional books in educational environments.
Download the UPM report from here and get the latest research on the power of print in learning!

And this brings us neatly back to the beginning of this newsletter - Climate change! I wish you all a very recreational and relaxing time and hope to see many of you at the next network meeting in Barcelona. And please do not hesitate to get in touch if the EEPG can be of help with all issues related to educational publishing.