3. Network meeting in Vilnius

Please register for the meeting in Vilnius now. We have updated the website. Katie Roden has sent me her title and it will be a very interesting session:

In a crowded marketplace, where everyone from a tech start-up to a retired teacher can be a creator, educational publishers need to shout about our values. This session will help you to differentiate your product through quality, by thinking more deeply about your audience - their values, needs and expectations - to create the most effective campaigns and ultimately help build better products.
Using case studies from a wide range of industries, this session will give you practical steps, useful tools and plenty of inspiration.

Please note that BELMA is only one example of how you can market your product and services but not the main focus. Once again, we would like you to showcase your ideas and campaigns - good or failed - to discuss and generate ideas together. Since I will be away now until 23rd of June, it would be great if you could come up with some ideas of what you would like to present in the meantime and send them to me.