6. Useful documents and links

Please check out Eurydice again. This month alone, the following interesting articles have been published:
  • Czech Republic: The importance of technical education in a modern school for the 21st century
  • Norway to implement new curricula at primary and secondary school levels in 2020
  • Denmark: New Ministerial Order on exams in primary and lower secondary education
  • Spain approves a strategic plan for vocational training
  • Poland to establish 100 more Local Knowledge and Education Centres
If you want this presentation by Christoph Bläsi as an open document to be translate into your language, please write to me.

As a little aside, I thought you might be interested in reading this article published in the summer. At Frankfurt, the IPA open educational conference this was also presented by Lindsay Nadin. Before, in January 2011, Genevieve Shore, then Director of Digital Strategy at Pearson had announced exactly the same strategy at "Learning without frontiers". However 2 years later, the wheel was turned back. So now, we'll have to watch whether they have got their strategy right this time and we can learn from them.