7. Meetings by IPA and FEP

The IPA General Assembly took place on Monday 23 November. A new President and Vice President were confirmed for 2021. Also, a number of seats on IPA's Executive, Freedom to Publish and Membership Committees were appointed.

The new annual report and a brand new report titled " From Response to Recovery" taking stock of the impact of the Covid pandemic on the global publishing industry was published.

Speeches from the day are publicly available:

On November 27th, the 41st EPF forum took place online. Brian Gilsenan, CJFallon, talked to Dr. Kevin Marshall, head of education at Microsoft Ireland, about how the corporation sees their role in education. As expected, Dr Marshall tried to "unthreaten" the influence of "big tech" in education. However, the EPF, as does the EEPG, sees this differently, and a working group "Ed tech and legal matters" has been established. Update will come after the next EPF session. Cristina Mussinelli (Fondazione LIA) gave a presentation on the European Accessibility Act and on WIPO Marrakesh Treaty which is available here.