8. Useful documents and links

1) Please check out Eurydice again. On this page, you will find an overview about the comparative reports published in 2020, amongst them
  • The Structure of the European Education Systems in diagrams
  • Equity in school education in Europe (How does the design of education systems affect educational inequalities?

In the news section there are some interesting articles such as
  • Is home schooling during the pandemic exacerbating gender inequalities?

And there is, of course, the section on national policies, which in 2020 obviously focused on the pandemic but as also some other interesting articles like
  • e-Schools: Enhancing the System of Digital Schools in Croatia
  • Portugal: Universalization of Digital Schooling Programme
  • Re-establishment of Model and Experimental Schools in Greece: fostering and dissemination of the best educational practices

2) In October, the IPA issued a number of State of Publishing Reports.
While they are not focused on educational publishing but on publishing in general, this one should be of interest for every educational publisher: "Paper and Digital: Current Research into the Effectiveness of Learning Materials". Please check this link because there is also a video by Stephan de Valk, chairman of the educational publishers forum of the IPA.

3) If you have not done so, please check out this newsletter by the OECD. At the bottom, you will find a range of podcasts about Corona, but they are mainly summing up what we already know. However, you might want to read this by Andreas Schleicher, Director, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills which will lead you to more in-depth findings. He gave a presentation of this at the OEB (Online Educa Berlin).

I know that a number of EEPG members attended and I would be interested in exchanging feedback of the conference - I am trying to establish whether future participation is worth our while.

And now it its time to wrap up. While some of you in orthodox countries are having Christmas two weeks later and some are not participating at all, I hope that we can all agree that the New Year starts on January the 1st and that we all hope it will bring progress in fighting a pandemic and progress in fighting for better education.

All the best from