6. Network meetings/conference

As far as this year's network meetings are concerned, we have definitely postponed (cancelled for 2020) Barcelona and Kiev as you know, but we are still looking at options to have some kind of network meeting in September - again, most likely online. David Gråbæk and his team from Systime (who were going to organize the big conference) in September have come up with a few alternatives. After discussion with the board, I will make suggestions and write to you.

We have already fixed the date for the Barcelona meeting in 2021 - world book day will be on the Friday.
  • 2021 04 22-23 Barcelona EEPG decision makers and business developers: Learning Analytics - good and/or bad
Dates for the Kiev meeting will be distributed as soon as available.

Meanwhile, if you have any ideas of what you would like to do and would find helpful, please let me know. We could, for example, have half-day online conferences.

I'm also happy to conduct surveys and do research if there is a particular topic you are interested in. You will find one example at the end of this newsletter.