2. Virtual AGM October 14th

The AGM was organized as a zoom meeting. The minutes are available on the EEPG website. (Please remember the password 20Eepg20Eu#)
The main points of the AGM were selecting a new management board, approving the budget and deciding how to react to the Corona pandemic regarding network meetings and the conference.
Artur Dyro from Learnetic, Poland, and Carles Vidal from Vicens Vives, Spain were re-elected, the new members elected to the board are Marusa Dejak from Rokus Klett, Slovenia, and Adam Jelinek from Fraus Publishers, Czech Republic. Artur Dyro will be chairman of the board in 2021. The first board meeting will take in place in January.
The financial report and the director's report were introduced and approved.
The 2020 budget and the implications and changes caused by the pandemic were discussed at length. The new budget which was approved can also be found on the website. As a result of the Corona pandemic and physical meetings not taking place, there is a surplus in the bank account. Since EEPG is non-profit, ways of spending that money in a way that benefits all members were discussed. As a result, the membership fee for (initially) 2021 will be reduced by 25%. In addition, a sum of 10.000 will be put aside for "special" assignments. These can be to help members individually in both research and lobbying. Surveys and best practice examples can be developed individually for members. Where necessary, the EEPG will seek assistance from outside researchers.