5. Cambridge report: "What have we learned ..."

" What have we learned about the Covid-19 impact on education so far?"
This report dates back to the summer, but I found it very interesting, especially since Cambridge is an international player and is looking at their diverse markets. Here is a quote: "As it is now becoming clear that the crisis will last for longer than initially anticipated, and that access to education is likely to morph into hybrid models of school attendance that will become the norm for a while, it will be important, as some countries have already started to do, to evaluate whether the solutions put in place during the lockdown have had an impact, assessing what has been positive and what hasn't, in order to start planning more effectively for medium-and longer-term solutions." Our discussions in the EEPG have shown exactly that and we will be working over the coming years to establish what can be done by publishers to sustain good education in our member countries.