3. Virtual AGM October 26th

The AGM was once again organized as a zoom meeting. The minutes are available on the EEPG website in the member's area. Other documents like the budget, the financial report from the Danish accountant and the director's report are also available on the website. (Please remember the password 20Eepg20Eu#)

The main points of the AGM were the election of a new management board after Carles Vidal had left Spanish member Vicens Vives, approving the budget and planning next years network meetings - both physically and virtually.
The management board for 2022 consists of previous members Artur Dyro from Learnetic, Poland (chairman), Marusa Kmet from Rokus Klett, Slovenia and Adam Jelinek from Fraus Publishers, Czech Republic. The new member of the board is Katarina Blomqvist of Natur & Kultur, Sweden.

One important decision that was carried unanimously, was to change the date and time for monthy informal meetings with presentations by both members and outside experts to Wednesdays at lunch time. The first meeting with this new format took place on December 15th. All chats will be recorded and are available on the EEPG website as well. (see below for further dates).

The financial report and the director's report were introduced and approved.

Once again, due to Corona restrictions, the EEPG will end the financial year with a surplus. And once again, this surplus will be passed on to the members and the membership fee will be reduced significantly.