7. EEPG Open conference: Changing Teacher Roles in the 2020s - impact and effects of the pandemic in the K12 classroom

This follow up to the pre-conference in November 2020 was co-organized by Systime, Denmark. It was conceived as an open conference and was indeed joined by about 10 non-EEPG members in addition to more than 50 members. It was held on September 16-17. There was an impressive array of keynote speakers.

On day 1 the keynotes were:
  • Carla Aerts, Refracted, New Models of Co-creative Learning
  • Christian Dalsgaard, Aarhus University, Digital Learning Spaces and Digital Literacy

This was followed by a moderated panel discussion with teachers and principals from schools in different European countries. Murdo MacPhail, a teacher of English and social sciences from Germany; Janja Zupančič, head teacher from Slovenia and Satu Kekki, principal in a Teacher Training school in Finland discussed their experience during the Covid lock down periods

On day 2 the keynotes were:
  • Laura McInerney, Teacher Tapp, Teaching in a Pandemic: What We Learned from 8000 Teachers
  • Morten Winther Bülow, Aarhus University & Systime, Designing Learning Materials for Hybrid Education

The keynotes were followed by a discussion with Laura McInerney, Morten Winther Bülow, Murdo MacPhail and Janja Zupančič on " How do you see teachers' and principals' roles developing based on your experiences during the pandemic?"
The videos are available on YouTube and from the EEPG website. The presentations by Carla and Christian are also available as PDFs.