9. Informal monthly meetings

In January 2021we introduced a new meeting format - the Informal Chat series. For an hour on every second Monday of the month, speakers from the members as well as external presenters were given the opportunity to introduce products and discuss issues; in addition, experts from different fields such as copyright (Dusan Popovic) and marketing (Kate Roden) brought members up to speed on current developments. Again, proceedings are mostly available from the website.

Because the date and time were not convenient for many, a new time slot was proposed for 2022 - Wednesday lunch time. The first one in the new time slot already took place on December 15th 2021 and was recorded and can be watched at https://www.eepg.org/2021_1.html
It was a product presentation by Digital Learning Associates of their ELT video materials, but also focused on sustainability and the different SDGs. You will also find a brief link list on the website.

All dates for next year's informal meetings have been planned with some topics already assigned. The dates have been sent round but will also be accessible from January 2022 on the network website. Ideas for further chats are always welcome.