What are the benefits of becoming an EEPG member:

  • Direct and close contact to 26 members in the group from 25 countries
  • Representation through EEPG in various institutions and committees (such as the Educational publishers forum of the IPA)
  • 4 informative newsletters a year
  • Information on education in member countries and beyond (country reports)
  • 3 network meetings/conferences a year with renowned keynote speakers. (two participants free, small fee for additional employees)
  • Special discount for taking part in BELMA
  • Special discount for taking part in open conferences held by EEPG

Is your company eligible to become a member?

  • To be eligible to be a member, an organization has to be a commercial publisher and distributor of educational materials and be based in Europe. The production and distribution of educational materials has to be the main source of income of the organization. Members from other countries may be considered if they have bonds with Europe and /or are closely related. The management board will recommend whether to accept members from other countries.
  • If there allready is a company from your country that is an EEPG member, this company can veto your becoming a member.
  • Each member pays a yearly membership fee of currently 4.400 € . At present,there are 23 members. For a new member, there is a 30% discount for the first year.

If you want to become an EEPG member and you have further questions on how to, please contact the EEPG's director, Helga Holtkamp