Sviesa is the largest publisher of textbooks and educational literature in Lithuania. It was founded in 1945 as a publishing house of educational literature and has not changed its course so far.

Sviesa publications currently include textbooks, workbooks, test books, teacher's books, e-publications, reference books, dictionaries, and other educational literature, cognitive literature, publications for parents, educators, and general public. Sviesa publishes more than 400 titles each year and has 60% market share in the Lithuanian educational literature market.

Together with the publishing house Alma littera, two bookshop chains, Pegasas and Baltos lankos and the Book Club, Sviesa is a part of Alma littera group companies.
Sviesa Publishers, Ltd.
Ozeskienes g. 10
44252 Kaunas

Tel. 370 37 40 91 26 | Fax: 370 37 34 20 32
E-Mail: mail@sviesa.lt | Website: www.sviesa.lt