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  • Interesting news about new developements in the educational field and related topics. The idea is: If you find an interesting (English) text about any topic that relates to the educational field, send the URL of the text plus a short description of it and why you think it is interesting to the webmaster or the EEPG director. We'll decide if it is posted in News.
  • The news items are normally links to articles on the web, so if you click an item, a new window or tab will open and display the article. If you want to go back to the News page on the EEPG website, just close the window or tab.
  • For breaking news please check our tweets which you can of course subscribe to.
  • In the events section you will find dates, places etc. about events related to education, like bookfairs, conferences and last but not least EEPG meetings and conferences with the possibillity to register for these events if you are an EEPG member or if the conference is open to anyone who is interested.