Texto Editores

Texto Editores was founded in 1977 in Lisbon and is today one of the leading educational publishing houses in Portugal, handling the complete printing process from start to finish.

We invest a lot in the scientific and educational qualities of our publications base don our thorough and up-dated knowledge about the educational system in Portugal. Our authors and professional consultants all work on a very high level, guaranteeing the great quality that Texto Editores has as a trademark. Furthermore, we put a lot of work into bringing the Internet to the Portuguese schools.
Texto Editores, Lda. Est.
Rua Cidade de Cordóva 2
2610-038 Alfragide

Tel: 351 2 14 27 22 00 | Fax: 351 2 14 27 22 01
E-Mail: educacao@textoeditores.com | Website: http://www.texto.pt/pt/