Editorial Vicens Vives

In 1960, Editorial Vicens Vives was founded in memory of the prominent Spanish historian, professor and author Jaume Vicens Vives. The publishing house is now one of Spain's leading publishers of educational materials.

Our portfolio covers all educational levels, starting with kindergarten and ending at university level in subjects like history, geography, mathematics and economics. We also publish a wide range of didactic materials for all levels: Children's games, Cartographic and Anatomic materials, fully digitalized, are being successfully commercialized in other languages and countries.
Editorial Vicnes Vives
Av. Sarrià, 130-132
08017 Barcelona

Tel: 34 9 32 52 37 02 | Fax: 34 9 32 52 37 10
E-Mail: msalla@vicensvives.es | Website: www.vicensvives.es