1. Introduction

Dear all,
this newsletter is really the first half of a very long one. The second part will follow in the second week of November and contain info about the AGM, the IPA open session at Frankfurt and the image campaign for educational publishers as well as a report on the "Content for education conference" which took place in Brussels at the end of September.
The new website, the Frankfurt Book fair and the BELMA kept me very busy over the last few weeks - which is why I couldn't complete this newsletter as I had planned to. But I think you may find some entertaining and useful reading in this incomplete edition as well.
I also recommend to have a look at the new EEPG website. Even though not quite finished, it is already so much easier to navigate. You will finally be able to find all the presentations from the previous networks very easily. Please log in with the existing password. Finally, a word about the last AGM. Almost all publishing houses attended and we had very good discussions about the purpose and the aims of the EEPG. I will sum it all up for the next newsletter - this is just the teaser.