In the third quarter of this year our lobbying activities concentrated on Greece. Together with IPA and especially EPF, we wrote a number of letters to various institutions in the EU. Even though the problems are far from being resolved there is progress and I am quoting here from an Email that Elena sent in July:

Dear Helga,
dear Richard Charkin,

dear José Borghino,

The VAT of books remained in the lowest range of VAT and is actually lower than before, it is now 6% (before it was 6,5%).
I was planning to write to you to personally to thank you all for your support. Your actions helped our voice to be heard: http://www.thebookseller.com/news/ipa-urges-protection-greeces-book-market http:


There lie ahead more problems for which we have to fight:
a) the Fixed Book Price
b) the VAT on book production (processes and materials) has been raised to 23% .

On top of this all the Ministry of Education has not paid the publishers for the supply of academic textbooks for the whole year.
Therefore, we are still in a hectic situation and your continuous support is critical and highly appreciated.

Yours, Elena Pataki
As you will see in the new bye-laws that were sent to you for the AGM on October 13th, helping and supporting EEPG members is one of the key tasks of the EEPG.
Apart from hat there was one network meeting hosted by our new member CET.
Also, both the EEPG website and the BELMA are now in responsive design and can be viewed on any device.